Waste Disposal

Tesla Environmental provides safe and effective disposal of institutional, commercial and industrial waste materials. We have partnered with premier Canadian hazardous waste management company Aevitas Inc. in order to offer our customers an even wider range of comprehensive waste disposal services. Tesla Environmental's environmental services for waste disposal include the following;

Hazardous Waste Disposal - Our experienced waste disposal technicians provide local commercial, industrial, and institutional businesses with waste removal, transportation, and disposal services for hazardous waste materials such as bulk hazardous waste (via vacuum tankers), photo finishing chemicals, containerized hazardous waste (pails, drums, totes), wastes containing heavy and toxic metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), PCB's, oily water, hazardous waste products from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, characteristic, universal, electrical, maintenance, or automotive sources, and off-spec, out-of-date, damaged, or returned products.

Regulated Waste Disposal - Tesla Environmental offers safe and environmentally sound handling and disposal of regulated waste products in solid, semi-solid, sludge, or liquid form, including;

  • Waste lubricants & oils (hydraulic oil, grease)
  • Spent coolants and effluent solutions
  • Waste stains and paint
  • Spent batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs
  • Industrial water & liquid waste
  • Empty containers such as metal drums
  • And more

Industrial Waste Disposal - Tesla Environmental is a single-source solution for all of your industrial waste disposal needs, providing safe, sustainable, and affordable industrial waste disposal in drum and bulk forms.

Wastewater Disposal - Tesla Environmental has partnered with Aevitas Inc., the largest industrial wastewater treatment facility in Canada, to offer a multitude of wastewater disposal solutions. We can transport, treat and safely dispose of wastewater that has been contaminated with fuels, metals, coolants, oils, latex, grease, emulsifiers, ink, solvents, glycols, hydrocarbons, alkaline or acids and more.

Assured Destruction - We provide assured complete destruction of expired, off-spec or damaged materials, waste by-products, and sensitive materials such as contraband, counterfeits, seized materials, research & development materials, samples and prototypes, pharmaceuticals, and production waste..

Tesla Environmental can create a customized waste disposal program uniquely tailored to your company's needs. We will also ensure that all waste disposal practises are in compliance with local environmental codes and regulations. Our environmental services incorporate a variety of waste disposal options such as incineration, fuel blending, landfill disposal, and wastewater treatment.

We also provide waste transportation, product delivery, industrial power wash cleaning services, confined space entry, hydro vacs, and vacuum truck services. Trust Tesla Environmental's diverse experience for all of your waste disposal and environmental services needs.

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