Product Delivery

Tesla Environmental offers bulk product delivery services for your finished products with a certified clean truck. Our transportation and product delivery vehicles are equipped to safely and securely collect and transport your finished products in solid, liquid, or containerized form. Tesla Environmental's team of skilled technicians will ensure that all shipping documents and labels are in order to assure compliance with local and national environmental regulations. Our fleet of transportation and product delivery vehicles includes wet vacuum trucks, tanker trucks for bulk movement of liquids with up to 36,000 litre capacity and vacuum tankers with 27,000 litre capacity. Our certified clean tanker trucks are ideal for the transportation and delivery of bulk finished goods to your customers or affiliates.

LTL box trucks and van trailers are an ideal solution for containerized finished product delivery to your clients. Please browse our website for more information on our additional environmental services we offer, or give us a call today. We serve locations throughout the Niagara area, including St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, Beamsville, Welland, Niagara Falls, Stoney Creek, and Ancaster.

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